NOTE! The January 22 meeting is cancelled due to hazardous weather. The meeting is rescheduled for January 29.

The Progressive Voter Alliance is a clearinghouse and point of contact for advocates of a wide range of progressive issues. We do not endorse specific candidates or causes. For an idea of the issues that have been addressed at PVA meetings, check out the Meeting Recaps. For current issues, come to the next meeting, almost always held on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Unified Action

The upcoming general election is crucial to determining the kind of state and country we will live in for the next 2 years and beyond. Our personal involvement with political campaigns can make a big difference in state and local elections. Candidates and campaigns need help to get their message out, so this month we are asking you to:

1. talk to 5 friends about the upcoming election
2. tell everyone to vote FOR Regional Transit

Complete details about this Unified Action are here.

The PVA executive committee will determine the next Unified Action at their January 8 meeting. Suggestions for a Unified Action can be communicated to Cheryl Frank or any member of the Executive Committee. All Unified Actions are indexed here.

October Meeting

The PVA met on October 23, at the Frank Papen Center—a temporary meeting location while Munson Center renovations continue. The meeting was smaller and shorter than usual because many candidates and some of the usual crowd were attending the first annual NAACP Candidate Forum. We heard from Tim Keller, candidate for state auditor, who also spoke in support of Maggie Toulouse Oliver, candidate for secretary of state. Several people spoke about regional transit and the City Council meeting Monday, October 27, which is a work session devoted to the minimum wage. Events announced at the meeting are listed in the sidebar calendar. The complete meeting recap is here.

PVA takes a break in November and December. The next meeting of the PVA will be Thursday, January 22, 2015. We will return to Munson Center, our usual meeting place. Map

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