The Progressive Voter Alliance is a clearinghouse and point of contact for advocates of a wide range of progressive issues. We do not endorse specific candidates or causes. For an idea of the issues that have been addressed at PVA meetings, check out the Meeting Recaps. For current issues, come to the next meeting, almost always held on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Unified Action

The October Unified Action is to talk with five friends about the November 3 municipal election. Let your friends know who you support and where and when to vote. The results of this election will determine the kind of city we will be for the next four years and beyond.

The Unified Action page contains all the voting times and places and contact information for candidates who came to PVA asking for support.

The PVA executive committee will determine the next Unified Action at their January 14, 2016, meeting. Suggestions for a Unified Action can be communicated to Cheryl Frank or any member of the Executive Committee. All Unified Actions are indexed here.

October Meeting

The room was full of people who seemed committed to making this city and county a good place for everyone. Candidates and their advocates asked for help with knocking on doors and getting out the vote. We were invited to a fundraiser with karaoke, a New Mexico Game Commission hearing, a pro-choice demonstration, an oral history workshop, and a candidate forum with thought-provoking questions and refreshments afterwards. Bob Diven answered all those questions about AdobeHenge—the ones that cropped up in Sound Off after the front page story.

All events announced at the October meeting are posted in the sidebar calendar. The complete meeting recap will be posted asap.

PVA takes a break in November and December. The next meeting will be Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7 p.m., at Munson Center. Map.

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