The Progressive Voter Alliance is a clearinghouse and point of contact for advocates of a wide range of progressive issues. We do not endorse specific candidates or causes. For an idea of the issues that have been addressed at PVA meetings, check out the Meeting Recaps. For current issues, come to the next meeting, almost always held on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Unified Action

The Unified Action for February is to support important issues being considered in the New Mexico legislative session. To be a part of the team, send an email to legislativeactionNM@gmail.com.

The PVA executive committee will determine the next Unified Action at their March 9, 2017, meeting. Suggestions for a Unified Action can be communicated to Cheryl Frank or any member of the Executive Committee. All past Unified Actions are indexed here.

February 23 Meeting

It’s fair to say that the February meeting was full of positive energy. Tony Martinez explained the genesis of “We’re In,” the Las Cruces chapter of the Indivisible movement, and invited everyone to a town hall meeting (minus our Congressman). Thirty-one people made 2-minute talks. Eleven events were announced. We heard abut immigration, the wall, issues before our legislators, the courage of our school board and our city council, El Paso’s Electric’s latest plans, safe and sound fireworks, books to read, and movies to see. It was an amazing 100 minutes. You had to be there, but if you weren’t, the events are posted in the sidebar calendar and the recap is here.

The next regular PVA meeting will be Thursday, March 23, 2017, 7 p.m., at Munson Center. Map.

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