October 24, 2019

Unified Action

The Issue
Voting is essential to our democracy. It’s also important that we advocate for the candidates we believe in. A friend’s recommendation can have a big influence on how we vote. 

Encourage your network of friends to vote in this important election – every vote makes a difference.

Reach out to friends and family members who might not normally vote and let them know which candidates you support!

What we are asking

Urge those in your Personal Influence Network to vote for the candidate or candidates you believe are most qualified.

To do list: Canvassing & Picnicking

Pat Aguirre announced a canvassing event for Mayor Ken Miyagishima’s re-election; the group will meet at Veterans Park. She also wanted to encourage everyone to have a conversation with Ken and share your thoughts about him with your personal network!

Pat announced the following event:

Picnic Fundraiser for House Democratic Campaign Committee
Saturday, November 2, 2-4 pm
at the home of Alice & Ed Gallegos (see the calendar for more information)

There is a suggested contribution of $100 as a host, $50 as a co-host, and sponsor $25. Funds will go to the House Democratic Campaign Committee, which works to protect and grow the Democratic majority in the State House. If you can’t go but want to contribute, click here.

For more information, contact Pat.

Ken Thanks PVA “From the Bottom of His Heart”

Ken Miyagishima thanked everyone in PVA for their continuous support throughout the years. When Ken said, “Things are really good here in Las Cruces. I’m sorry, I just have to say that!” some PVAers yelled out, “Don’t be sorry! We’re not!” Ken says he knows he couldn’t have done it without the help of constituents such as those within PVA!

For more information, visit the campaign website or call Ken at 575-621-8201.

NMSU and Sierra Middle School Composting

Gayle Eads wanted to share that there have been successful meetings regarding composting at NMSU and Sierra Middle School! She said she is still looking for teachers who might be interested in helping cultivate small changes to create big results in schools. If you’re a teacher, educator, or know an educator, please share this idea along with Gayle’s email address to generate change within the younger generations.

For more information, contact Gayle.

JFA Humanitarian Response Art Raffle

Maria Lopez announced an event:

Justice For All Art Raffle
Friday, November 1, 6:30 pm
Raven Art Studio (300 N Main St.).

The Justice For All Art Raffle is in support of migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and their families. For example, JFA has helped a local church obtain a washer and dryer, and last year they were able to help buy someone a plane ticket to visit their deported mom for Christmas. The drawing for the raffle will take place on November 1st and you can buy tickets for $5 a piece or $20 for five tickets.

She hopes to see you all there—there will be wine hors d’oeuvres.

For more information, contact Maria.

This Mayoral Forum Should be Really Interesting!

Martha Roditti, who is on the Social Action Committee at Temple Beth El, announced a mayoral forum at the Temple:

Mayoral Forum
Tuesday, October 29, 6:30-8:30
Temple Beth El, 3980 Sonoma Springs Ave

This forum has an unusual format, she said, as they would have all the candidates sit around a table and talk to each other. “That’s right, you may see an argument.” This will be real conversations for the candidates rather than asking each candidate the same question. She encouraged attendance to see a good debate, and, “There will be food. We’re the Temple – there’s always food!”

For more information, contact Martha.

Remembering Elijah Cummings

Violet Cauthon shared a moment that touched her heart. She said that Nancy Pelosi called Representative Elijah Cummings her “North Star,” and Vi feels this was a carefully chosen phrase, as the North Star represents an escape from cruelty and a beacon of hope.

After he passed, the Representative’s wife told everyone that Elijah “worked until his last breath because he believed our democracy was the highest and best expression of our collective humanity, and that our nation’s diversity was our promise, not our problem.”

Violet also shared an important Cummings quote that really stuck out to her: “If I can help someone as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain.”

RIP Elijah Cummings (1951-2019. Representative since 1996)

For more information, contact Vi.

Tessa for Two

Tessa Abeyta Stuve, candidate for City Council, announced her canvassing schedule for the weekend following the PVA meeting. The group would meet at park behind Fire Station 4 on Missouri Ave. She said that if you’re interested in canvassing, talk to her or Connie Chapman. She also thanked everyone for the support, and she is so excited to help get out the vote for November 5!

For more information, contact Tessa, visit her campaign website, campaign Facebook page (Facebook/TessaForTwo), or call (575) 323-0330.

Luis’s Candidate Recommendations

Luis Guerrero encouraged everyone to vote for Judge Joy Goldbaum for presiding judge, Ken Miyagishima for mayor and all of the great progressives running for Soil and Water. “Thank you PVA! Get out there and talk to your friends!”

For more information, contact Luis.

Sen. Joseph Cervantes Reminds us that the 2020 Legislative Session is Coming Soon!

Joe Cervantes reminded everyone that with 2020 comes the one month long Legislative Session, beginning January 21. He thanked everyone for their hard work in helping the greater Las Cruces area (as well as the rest of New Mexico) achieve all that it has this year.

In the last session, Joseph passed several gun safety bills, including a background check bill (which had to be amended 13 times), red flag bill, and a decriminalization of marijuana bill, among others.

For more information, contact Joseph, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Produced Water Hearing

Kathy Wooten announced the following event:

Produced Water Hearing
November 25, 6:00-8:30 pm
Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum

Produced water is defined as “fluid that is an incidental byproduct from drilling for the production of oil and gas.” For the sake of their health as well as the implications on the environment, Kathy feels that citizens need to be aware of HB546.

There are 536 different fracking chemicals used in New Mexico that could be found in produced water and there is no hard, studied, data on this as of yet. For more on this issue, read this article.

For more information, contact Kathy or visit the NM Environment Department.

Annual Collection for Casa De Peregrinos

PVA-Timer-Extraordinaire, Mary Lujan, announced that she brought her bucket to collect donations for Casa de Peregrinos. Last year PVA contributed $525 (with a special $100 donation from Karen Trujillo)! She asked everyone to please donate when and however you can; she will be collecting donations at the PVA meeting on November 7, too.

For more information, contact Mary. To donate online, click here.

Maria Flores’s Candidate Recommendations (for School Board)

School board member Maria Flores said, “Ed Frank is the board’s North Star. Please help him get re-elected!” She attended the KRWG forum for School Board candidates and wanted Teresa Tenorio to know that she was inspiring and did a great job. Maria believes the board will be in really great shape if Ed and Teresa are elected. NEA hashtags: Educators4Ed and Teachers4Tenorio.

For more information, visit Ed’s campaign website or Teresa’s campaign website.

Road Runner Revue

Linda Hall announced the following event:

Road Runner Revue
Sunday November 17, 5:00-9:00pm
Rio Grande Theater

This fundraiser will benefit KTAL Community Radio; there will be food, entertainment, silent auction, and a cash bar.

To purchase a ticket, visit this website. To listen to KTAL online, click here.

Dessert and Coffee with Ken

Debra Hathaway invited everyone for dessert and coffee with her neighbor Mayor Ken Miyagishima.

Monday, October 28, at 6:30 pm
2912 Lookout Ridge

She is happy to vote for Ken, and hopes he will win reelection on November 5!

For more information, contact Debra.

PFLAG Las Cruces

Marlene Rosales announced the following event:

2019 PFLAG Fundraiser
November 15, 5:30-9:00 PM
Ramada Palms

There will be entertainment, a silent auction, raffle, the annual apple pie live auction, and community and scholarship awards. In addition: a Singing Out special performance. Group tables for 10 people are $450.

For more information, visit the PFLAG website.

Vote with Friends

Abraham Sanchez said that people who know him know that he appreciates any and all creative ways to get people out to vote. That’s why he’ll be joining his friends, including City Council candidates Johana Bencomo and Kasandra Gandara, in voting together on Saturday, October 26, at 11am. He hopes you will join them and make voting fun!

For more information, contact Abraham on Facebook.

On Nov 5, You Can Cast a Vote to Address Climate Change 

Kurt Anderson, who is a candidate for the Doña Ana Soil and Water Conservation District, reminded everyone that there are 3 positions up for election on the local election ballot. Kurt is endorsing himself, of course, as well as fellow conservationists Fernando Clemente and Christopher Cardenas.

Kurt explained that all three candidates are committed to conservation of our natural resources on public and private lands, and all will work to address the challenge that world-wide climate change presents to our county, our country, and the world.

A useful tool to help you remember is: vote for A-C-C.

For more information on Kurt and the other conservationist candidates running for DASWCD, click here and here.

Mayor John Robert Smith will be Speaking in LC

Sharon Thomas announced that Mayor John Robert Smith from Meridian, Mississippi, will be speaking about city planning, how to grow your downtown, economic development, smart growth, public transportation, and quality of life.

Thursday, November 21, 2019, 6:00 pm
City Council Chambers in City Hall

Mayor Smith is famous for bringing his city back to life. He is an expert in city planning, economic development, and downtown vitality. The City Council invites everyone to attend this talk.

During his tenure as Mayor, John Robert received acclaim for his aggressive facilitation of the public-private partnerships that resulted in over $430M of infrastructure projects that bolstered the economy and quality of life for the people of Meridian. 

He currently serves as Chairman of Transportation for America, where he advises on strategy, capacity building, and national outreach.  

AARP is funding Mayor Smith’s visit to Las Cruces.

Sharon also shared that the Green Route Transit to/from the Hatch to Las Cruces began running on October 25. It will do four trips per day, it stops in Las Cruces, including East Mesa/DACC, Mountain View Hospital, Memorial Medical Hospital, Mesilla Valley Mall, and NMSU.

For more information on Mayor Smith, click here or contact Sharon.

Young PVA Attendee Endorses her Mom (Aww!)

Teresa Tenorio, who was introduced and endorsed by her youngest daughter, is running for School Board, District 4. She said she is running because she is deeply invested and committed to the Las Cruces Public Schools. She has been advocating for students, teachers, and staff for several years. As a mother, she is invested in her children’s futures and she said she will fight for all of our children’s futures.

For more information, visit her campaign website.

[A]ll [C]ommitted to [C]onservation

Craig Fenske echoed what Kurt [A]nderson spoke about. He hopes you will cast your DASWCD votes for Kurt [A]nderson, Fernando [C]lemente, and Christopher [C]ardenas. In other words, remember A-C-C for Anderson, Clemente, and Cardenas… who are All Committed to Conservation! As a reminder, you can vote for all three of these candidates.

For more information on these candidates, click here.

Former Teacher of the Year, Special Education Teacher, Social Media guru, and Union Leader has School Board Recommendations for You

Cheryl Carreon is encouraging people to vote for both Ed Frank and Teresa Tenorio for School Board. They are the NEA-Las Cruces recommended candidates. Cheryl said they are being recommended because their “why matches ours.” NEA-Las Cruces advocates for students and educational professionals. Why do they do this? Because, explained Cheryl, every student deserves a great public school, regardless of zip code. Cheryl hopes you will spread the word to your networks about this important election.

For more information, visit the NEA Facebook page.

Mental Health Needs your Vote

Kasandra Gandara, City Councilor for District 1, is running for reelection in November and is excited to be near the finish line. She founded the Resilience Leaders program, initiated the Mano y Mano program (which is a workforce integration program for the homeless), founded the Suicide Prevention Taskforce, and more! She brought training opportunities to community partners and city employees, with topics including suicide prevention, mental health, First Aid, and anti-bullying. “Mental health needs your vote in this election,” said Kasandra, emphatically. She also announced that the city is looking for your feedback. Click here to take the survey.

She wants everyone to vote with friends during this election and please spread the word to your friends.

For more information, contact Kasandra, visit her campaign website, or Facebook page.

Melissa Ontiveros is Running for State Senate, District 31

Melissa Toledo-Ontiveros announced that she is running for state senate. She explained that her Emerge sisters encouraged her to run for this senate seat (Emerge trains Democratic women to run for office). She thought long and hard about it and decided to go for it. You can learn more about Melissa here.

Melissa invited everyone to her Campaign Launch Party.

Melissa Toledo-Ontiveros Campaign Launch Party
Thursday, November 14, 6:00 PM
Chopes, 16145 S Highway 28, La Mesa, NM

For more information, contact Melissa.

Mark your Calendars for the KTAL Fundraiser

Peter Goodman reiterated that on November 17, at the Rio Grande Theater, from 5:00-9:00 pm, KTAL 101.5 FM will be hosting the Road Runner Revue.

Peter said, “Please consider donating and come enjoy this grand event!”

For more information, visit the KTAL website or buy tickets here.


Allen Downs talked about El Paso Electric and New Energy Economy.

The Public Regulation Commission case concerning El Paso Electric’s 2018 Integrated Resource Plan (the IRO) has been closed without the Commission accepting the IRP. He considers this a victory because the IRP was deeply flawed.

And the PRC has ordered EPE to list the Rio Grande 6 generator as an available resource. For the last 3 or 4 years they have been saying it is not available for planning purposes, but it is available for use.

He also shared that an organization that is working in the northern part of the state to accomplish, with PNM, many of the things we (the city, the county, and a group of citizen interveners) are trying to accomplish with El Paso Electric.

New Energy Economy (NEE) headed by Mariel Nanasi is working to defend communities from the costs and risks of fossil fuel and nuclear energy, and to create alternative solutions.

They are currently arguing, in a case before the New Mexico Supreme Court, that portions of the Energy Transition Act (ETA), that limit the authority of the PRC should be invalidated. For example, the ETA allows PNM to set the costs of abandoning the San Juan coal plant without PRC oversight to determine if those costs are reasonable and prudent.

You can learn more about NEE at their website. (They also gladly accept donations.) For more information, contact Allen.

Like Ken, Ed Frank Thanks PVA from the Bottom of his Heart.

School board candidate, Ed Frank, got a little choked up when he realized he couldn’t adequately express his gratitude for the support he’s received; he simply wanted everyone to know how much he appreciates it. Ed is running for Las Cruces Public Schools Board of Education, District 5, explaining that continuity on the board is the best option for the kids. He asked you to vote and to encourage your friends to vote for him as well! Finally, he said he brought some lists of doors to knock on and would be most grateful for any help getting the message to the voters, but he warned, “These are challenging lists – lots of dogs and gates!”

For more information, contact Ed or visit his campaign website.

Rep. Joanne Ferrary is Starting to Gather Petition Signatures

Joanne’s husband, Rich, said that he has Joanne’s petitions and would be grateful if voters in District 37 would sign. “Joanne might need something like 50 acceptable signatures, but we’d like to annoy the County Clerk and turn in 3000,” said Rich, with a mischievous smile. If you live in District 37, and would like to sign to help Joanne get on the 2020 ballot, let Rich or Joanne know.

For more information, contact Rich.

Report from the Treasurer’s Office

The Treasurer’s office is in the process of mailing out 2019 property tax bills. Not sure where your taxes go? Not sure if you’re exempt? Need more payment options? County Treasurer Eric Rodriguez invited you to attend the following meeting:

Property Taxes and You
November 20, 9:00-10:00 AM and/or 5:00-6:00 PM
DAC County Building, 845 N. Motel Blvd. Room 111

Also, did you know that the Treasurer’s Office generally spends about $70,000 in printing to mail out the tax bills? The office will now be using a nonprofit business to do this mailing: The Adelante Development Center is a local nonprofit organization that hires people with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities. How cool is that?

For more information, contact Eric.

Update from Rep. Nathan Small

Nathan Small, also known as Xochitl’s husband, encouraged everyone to attend the Produced Water Hearing on November 25th from 6:00-8:30 PM at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum. See the PVA calendar for more information.

He said New Mexico is working towards 100% clean energy. Lots of important work is taking place at Legislative Interim Committees, and to learn more visit: NMLegis.gov.

For more information, contact Nathan or visit his Facebook page.

TrapFree NM

Luciana Nino announced that she is the newest Ambassador for TrapFree New Mexico. “Just because trapping is legal doesn’t make it right,” said Luciana. The organization believes that trapping hurts New Mexico, as thousands of animals suffer agonizing deaths in traps; traps also maim and kill companion animals, and can hurt hikers and other public lands users. A statewide poll found that New Mexicans support prohibiting traps on public lands by a margin of nearly 3 to 1. The best thing you can do, Luciana explained, is contact your state representative and state senator and let them know you oppose trapping on public lands. A simple phone call and email can make all the difference.

For more information, contact Luciana or visit the TrapFree NM website.

PVA will have a special post-election meeting:
Thursday, November 7, 7pm
Munson Senior Center
This will be the last PVA meeting of 2019