About Us

Mission Statement

The Progressive Voter Alliance is an inclusive coalition of voters who actively support issues that promote social and economic justice, political equality, and environmental stewardship.

Our activities include a lively monthly meeting and a monthly Unified Action, in which we bring the full force of the PVA network to bear on behalf of progressive causes. Everyone is invited to participate in these activities.

We maintain a mailing list/data base of progressives in Doña Ana County, which is used to mobilize support for progressive issues. Please Sign Up to add your name and contact information.

Unified Action

Visit our Unified Action Information page to learn more about participating in the monthly Unified Action.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the PVA is charged with keeping the organization running smoothly, and is responsible for incorporating the organization and developing its bylaws, maintaining the Web site and data base, setting the agenda for monthly meetings, and selecting each month’s Unified Action. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the executive committee meetings.

The Executive Committee meets the second Thursday of each month at 5 pm. Our meetings are open, and anyone may attend. Contact Cheryl Frank at cherella75@gmail.com for the location and details of the next meeting.

The Executive Committee Roster

Steve Fischmann 505-273-4956 stephen.fischmann@gmail.com
Cheryl Frank 575-650-7607 cherella75@gmail.com
Ann Gutierrez 575-521-4832 egutierr11@gmail.com
Don Kurtz 575-521-4832 donkurtz7@gmail.com
Mary Lujan 575-527-0618 marylujan@zianet.com
Terry Miller 575-524-8425 terrymiller575@gmail.com
John Peterson 575-522-3892 jdpeter11@yahoo.com
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