PVA Meeting Recap – June 28, 2012

Support Health Care Exchange

Gill Sorg urged us to support the establishment of a Health Care Exchange in New New Mexico.  For more information, please go to www.progressnownm.org.

Kudos to Scott Krahling

Charlotte Lipson publicly thanked Scott Krahling for standing up to the Tea Party at the County Commission meeting on June 26.

Wake up!

Scott Krahling thanked Charlotte for her kind words and then warned everyone to wake up… He was not happy about the course of events at the June 26 County Commission meeting.  The agenda was amended less than 24 hours prior to the meeting in order to provide for a group of people opposing the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks Monument that the Commission has already supported unanimously.  Additionally Commissioner Billy Garrett, who proposed the resolution supporting the Monument, was not there to defend it when Commissioners Karen Perez, Leticia Benevidez, and Dolores Saldaña-Caviness all rescinded their support.  Scott reminded everyone that it is imperative to keep in contact with elect officials – they need to hear from their constituents!

For more information send email to Scott, call him at 635-1550, follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

Lynn Ellins for County Clerk

Lynn Ellins announced that he is running for reelection and welcomed volunteers and contributions to his campaign. His opponent in the general election is Republican Dolores Connor.  Contributions can be mailed to the campaign at P.O. Box 1702, Fairacres, NM, 88033.

For more information send email to Lynn or call him at 575-202-6502.

Democrats, Progressives, and Progressive Democrats

Peter Ossorio pointed out that there are democrats, progressives, and progressive democrats.

For more information send email to Peter or call him at 575-644-8436.


Bill Kolbin explained that the United States Supreme Court does not care about our health.  Their agenda is control and power and repeal of the 2nd Amendment.  If we are not careful, we will soon be under full dictatorship, suffering together as one.

For more information call Bill at 575-541-6666.

Nate Cote for State Representative

Nate Cote, just back from hiking the Appalachian Trail, is opening a campaign headquarters in Chaparral where there will be voter registration and volunteer recruitment.  If any other candidates need space in Chaparral, Nate is open to sharing his space.

At the next Otero County Commission meeting, Nate will be proposing the addition of an early voting location in the section of Chaparral that is in Otero County where there is currently none.

Protect Pit Rules

Sandy Buffett of Conservation Voters New Mexico encouraged everyone to call the Governor (505-476-2200) and ask her to protect the current Pit Rules in New Mexico.  These Pit Rules were put into place by the previous administration and are clearly needed, based on the 400 self reports of groundwater contamination.  The Martinez administration wants to change these rules.  The final ruling will be made by the Oil and Gas Commission.

For more information email Sandy or visit cvnm.org.

Las Cruces Academy’s New Home

Lou Ellen Kay was pleased to announce that Las Cruces Academy will be moving into the old Preston Contemporary Arts building in Mesilla.  She introduced Marcus Crowford, the school’s new development officer.

For more information email Lou Ellen or call her at 575-521-9384. Or, email Marcus or call him at 706-718-6034.

Michelle Hernandez for NM Supreme Court

Michelle Hernandez is looking for support in her bid to be elected to the NM Supreme Court.  She has been a litigator for 13 years, is from Albuquerque, attended UNM, and is on the Democratic State Central Committee.  Her first position was working in the Supreme Court offices.  She believes she has the experience and expertise necessary for the job.

For more information email Michelle or call her at 505-264-8811.

Bill Soules for State Senate

Bill Soules is running for State Senate in District 37 and he would like everyone’s support.  He reminded the group that New Mexico and many children in New Mexico will benefit from today’s Supreme Court decision (upholding the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act).

For more information email Bill, call him at 575-640-0409, or follow him on Facebook.

Birthday Party for J. Paul Taylor

Cynthia Garrett invited everyone to a birthday party for J. Paul Taylor on August 26, 4-6pm, at Hotel Encanto.

Cynthia also spoke on behalf of Commissioner Billy Garrett (who was flying back from Washington DC):  He appreciates the positive messages and support regarding the County Commission meeting on June 26.  He hopes he can use these events to garner more support for the Monument.

For more information email Cynthia or email Billy.

Doreen Gallegos for State Representative District 52

Doreen Gallegos thanked everyone for their support in the primary.  She just returned from Washington DC where she had the opportunity to experience it with her 8-year-old son.  There, she purchased a Rosie the Riveter Tshirt for Pat Aguirre and a Proud to be a Democrat button for Don Kurtz.

For more information email Doreen or call her at 575-649-6325.

Vote, or else!

Steve Fischmann reminded everyone to “vote, or else!”  He would like everyone to support both Doreen Gallegos and Bill Soules.

Regarding the County Commission meeting, he explained that the ranchers’ livelihoods have been protected and that those that say they haven’t are not being truthful.

Regarding the Pit Rules, he urges people to get on the phone NOW.  He explained that the governor does not like the Pit Rules.  She believes that the rules will stop drilling.  However, prices are what drive drilling, not the Pit Rules.

For more information email Steve.

Civic Engagement Campaign

Carli Romero is the new non-partisan civic engagement campaign counselor with CAFe.  There will be a training on July 15, 4-6pm at the GreenWorks Enterprise Center.

For more information email Carli.

Free “Thank Democrats” Bumper Stickers While They Last

Last month, Don Kurtz said he had a “Got Medicare? Thank Democrats” bumper sticker on his car and it disappeared while his car was parked at the El Paso Airport. As a response he ordered 100 replacement stickers and is handing them out for free.  He reminded everyone that the Democratic brand is important and that Democrats should remind people what the brand stands for.

If you’d like a sticker, send email to Don or call him at 575-521-2832.

Marci Beyer for District Court Judge

Marci Beyer would like everyone’s support for her campaign for District Court Judge.  Three out of eight seats are up for reelection and she thinks that it is important to elect new judges as there is too much power in one place.

For more information send email to Marci.

Wayne Hancock for County Commission District 4

Scott Krahling encouraged everyone to support Wayne Hancock for County Commission.  He is a good progressive and will make an awesome commissioner.

Joseph Cervantes for State Senate

First, Joseph Cervantes plugged Doreen, Nate, and others in their bids for the State Legislature.

He asked for everyone’s support in his bid for State Senate.  He reminded the group that the margin in the House is only 2 votes and it is important to keep the Democrats in the majority.

For more information, email Joseph.

PVA Meets Again
Thursday, August 23, 2012, 7 p.m.
Munson Senior Center, 975 S. Mesquite

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