Unified Action – August 2009 – Health Care for America

Sponsored by AFSCME
For more information send email to Carter Bundy.

The Issue

Health Care Reform has a real chance of passing, but we need to fight for:

1. A public option to create competition and lower costs.

2. Non taxation of health care benefits as income. Taxation of benefits unfairly hurts those who pay more for insurance because they work for a small business or have pre-existing conditions.

3. Finally, large employers either need to buy insurance for their employees or pay into a program that ensures everyone is covered. We already pay for uncovered individuals either through reimbursing hospitals for their care or through Medicaid.

What we are asking

Email Senator Bingaman at senator_bingaman@bingaman.senate.gov to say something like the following:

Like the majority of Americans, I support a public option that competes with private insurance companies, in order to keep these companies honest and to lower costs. I also oppose any effort to tax my health care benefits as income.


Call Senator Bingaman at
(ask the operator to connect you to Senator Jeff Bingaman’s office). If the office is closed, please leave a message.

Upon completion of this action, please send an “I did it” to unifiedaction@pva-nm.org

Go to www.afscme.org/healthcare.cfm to read about AFSCME’s Health Care for America Plan.

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