Unified Action – April 2016

Be Involved in the 2016 Primary Election

Sponsored by the PVA Executive Committee, www.pva-nm.org

The Issue

The upcoming primary election is crucial to determining the kind of state and country we will live in for at least the next 2 years. Our personal involvement with political campaigns can make a big difference in national, state, and local elections.

What we are asking

1. volunteer time for a candidate or campaign-related activity


2. make a contribution to a candidate of your choice


The following candidates or their representatives have attended PVA meetings to ask for support:

Presidential Campaigns
Las Cruces for Bernie Campaign, info: visit www.facebook.com/lascrucesforbernie/

Candidates running for U.S. Congress
Merrie Lee Soules, running for CD2, more info: mlsoules@soulesuscongress.com, or visit soulesuscongress.com

Candidates running for New Mexico State Senate
Oscar Vasquez Butler, running for SD 36, more info: oscarvbutler@yahoo.com or call 575-621-8385
Mary Kay Papen, running for SD 38, more info: visit www.nmlegis.gov
Bill Soules, running for SD 37, more info: visit www.nmlegis.gov
Jeff Steinborn, running for SD 36, more info: jeff@jeffsteinborn.com or visit www.jeffsteinborn.com

Candidates running for New Mexico State Representative
Joanne Ferrary, running for HD 37, more info: rjferrary53@gmail.com or call 575-649-1231
Doreen Gallegos, running for HD 52, more info: visit www.nmlegis.gov
Ray Jaramillo, running for HD 35, more info: rayjaramillo4nmrep35@yahoo.com or call 505-410-0424
Paul “Pablo” Martinez, running for HD 35, info: pmartinezinvestigations@yahoo.com or visit www.nmhouse35martinez.com
Rudy Martinez, running for HD 39, more info: rudy_s_martinez@msn.com or call 575-534-7546 
Bill McCamley, running for HD 33, more info: visit www.nmlegis.gov
Angelica Rubio, running for HD 35, more info: angelica@rubionm35.com or visit https://rubionm35.com
Nathan Small, running for HD 36, more info: Nathan.p.small@gmail.com or visit nathanpsmall.com

Candidates running for Dona Ana County Commission
Dickie Apodaca, running for Dis. 5, more info: dickieap@yahoo.com
David Garcia, running for Dis. 2, more info: drdavidjgarcia@yahoo.com or call 915-497-4293
Wayne Hancock, running for Dis. 4, more info: wdhancock@gmail.com or call 575-520-4560
John Vasquez, running for Dis. 5, more info: john.lester.vasquez@live.com

Candidates running for Dona Ana County Clerk
Scott Krahling, more info: scott@scottforclerk.com or call 575-640-6205

Candidates running for Dona Ana District Attorney
Mark D’Antonio, more info: danton2691@yahoo.com or call 575-312-3650
James Dickens, more info: dickens4da@gmail.com or call 575-642-7300