Unified Action – March 2016

Support Strong Methane Safeguards

Sponsored by Sierra Club
Christine Newtson, newtsonk@comcast.net
Alex Renirie, alex.renirie@sierraclub.org


As a cornerstone of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the EPA has been tasked with regulating methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. In August, the EPA proposed rules that cover new and modified oil and gas equipment, but nearly 90% of emissions by 2018 will come from existing operations. President Obama announced on 3/10/16 that an existing source rule is on the top of their climate agenda and that the EPA is working towards a proposal that covers all sources of pollution in order to meet US commitments outlined in the Paris climate deal.

This unified action celebrates the administration’s leadership and encourages the EPA to move as quickly as possible on its new rulemaking process to protect our health and climate.


Send a photo of yourself holding a sign supporting the environment to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy!

  • Tweet or email the picture we take during the meeting
  • Or, take your own picture
  • Detailed instructions for tweeting are below!
  • Tweet to @GinaEPA
  • Or, email your picture to alex.renirie@sierraclub.org

Because the EPA does not have a general public comment line and emails can get buried, Twitter is an excellent mechanism to truly make your voice heard!

Instructions to tweet your photo to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy:

  1. Download your group photo at the bottom of the email (often the “download” button is a downward facing arrow).
  2. If you already have a twitter account, go to www.twitter.com and log in. Then click “tweet” in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click the camera icon to upload your photo from your computer (skip to step 4 for instructions).
  3. If you don’t already have a twitter account, go to www.twitter.com and click “Sign Up” in the upper right hand corner. Follow the prompts to create a new account. After you’ve set up your user name and password, log back in at www.twitter.com. Then click “tweet” in the upper right hand corner – this will create a smaller box in the center of the screen. In that box, click the camera icon to upload your photo from your computer (see step 4 for instructions).
  4. After you click on the camera icon, a new screen will open. From here, find the “downloads” folder” (often in the side navigation bar). In your downloads folder, you should see the photo you downloaded from the email. If you don’t immediately see the photo, try “arranging” the items differently. One way to do this is by clicking “date modified” on the top navigation bar – this will make sure your most recent downloads appear first. Another way is to choose to view ‘icons’ instead of items in the ‘list’ format, so you can scroll through and identify the correct image. When you find your photo, double click and you should be taken back to your “tweet”.
  5. Type this message to Administrator Gina McCarthy (or feel free to write your own).
    “Las Cruces, New Mexico supports regulating existing sources of methane pollution NOW! @GinaEPA.”
    Note: When you begin typing @GinaEPA, a drop down menu will appear. Click on “Gina McCarthy” in order for your message to be sent to that account.

** You just learned a new skill AND took action to protect
local communities’ health and our global climate! Thank you! **