Unified Action – May 2009

Support the Citizen’s Wilderness and National Conservation Area Proposal

Sponsored by the Doña Ana County Wilderness Coalition
View the Citizen’s Proposal here

The Issue

Natural treasures from the Organ Mountains to Broad Canyon are at a crossroads: we can protect these wilderness areas NOW and save them for present and future generations. OR, we can miss this historic opportunity to pass legislation and watch these natural areas be whittled away until they are gone.

What we are asking

Email and/or call our Congressional Delegation. Urge them to support the Citizen’s Wilderness and National Conservation Area proposal. Now is the time to introduce this legislation—over two decades in the making!  We can’t let this chance pass us by.

U.S. Congressman Harry Teague

U.S. Senator Tom Udall

U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman

Be Positive

  1. Let our Congressmen know how urgent it is to move forward with wilderness legislation NOW.
  2. New Mexico has the 2nd lowest amount of protected wilderness among western states. Change starts now by protecting Doña Ana County’s wilderness.
  3. Doña Ana County has eight ‘temporary’ Wilderness Study Areas but none are permanently protected.  Wilderness permanently protects natural lands and allows multiple uses including hiking, horseback riding, livestock grazing, hunting and many more. Wilderness provides for things like emergency vehicle access and border security. Learn More: www.donaanawild.org/wilderness.php
  4. The Citizen’s Proposal has the support of the City of Las Cruces, the Doña Ana County Commission, the Town of Mesilla, Sunland Park, and diverse groups such as the Hispano Chamber of Commerce, League of Woman Voters, Back Country Horsemen, and Southwest Consolidated Sportsmen.

Why your action is important

Unless the Citizen’s Wilderness & NCA Proposal is introduced in Congress and passed, natural treasures in Doña Ana County will become increasingly vulnerable to serious threats, due to their lack of permanent protection.