Unified Action – May 2016

Talk to 5 Friends about the Primary Election

Sponsored by the PVA Executive Committee, pva@pva-nm.org

The issue

It’s important that we vote, but it’s also important that we advocate for candidates we believe in. This kind of advocacy is at the heart of the democratic process, and often a friend’s recommendation has tremendous influence on how we vote.

Some of these races will be won or lost by a very small number of votes. You can make a world of difference by talking to some of your friends who might not know who to vote for or where to vote.

What we are asking

The Unified Action this month is simple. To participate, you: 

Contact five friends and urge them to

vote for the candidate or candidates you believe are most qualified

Ideally, these are people who may not have made a decision and for whom your recommendation could make a difference.


  • The Primary Election will be held TUESDAY, JUNE 7, 2016
  • Early Voting is between May 10 and June 4
  • For information about voting locations & times, visit https://donaanacounty.org/elections/voting
  • For more information contact the county clerk’s office at (575) 647-7428