Unified Action – April 2005

Curbside Recycling Pilot Program for Las Cruces

Sponsor: Jeff Stienborn, CURB Coalition
Email: polidub@aol.com
Phone: 531-1145

The Issue

Las Cruces, which has lagged behind other New Mexico cities in its recycling efforts, has decided to try a second six-month curbside recycling pilot program, as a way of deciding whether to initiate curbside recycling citywide. It is important that this pilot program be a success.

What we are asking

In the previous pilot program, pickup occurred only once a month, plastic and other items were excluded, and residents received very little education about how the system worked. Therefore, we are going to contact city council members and emphasize the following:

Curbside recycling is good for Las Cruces:

  • in the long run there will be less use of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources
  • the burden on community landfills will be lessened
  • residents get to join in a project that is cooperative and larger than ourselves, thus contributing to a sense of community

The Las Cruces curbside recycling pilot program should:

  • involve weekly pickups
  • pick up everything currently recycled by the City of Las Cruces , Including plastics
  • include continuing education, so that citizens understand the importance of the program, and know the specifics of how to use it

People to be contacted

In this action, we will contact our mayor and city councillor by phone, email, or regular mail to 1) register our support for recycling in Las Cruces , and 2) emphasize the above points about the pilot program. The contact information is:

District 1Jose Frietze541-2066josef@las-cruces.org
District 2Dolores Connor541-2066dconnor@las-cruces.org
District 3Dolores Archuleta541-2066darchuleta@las-cruces.org
District 4Steve Trowbridge541-2066stevet@las-cruces.org
District 5Wesley Strain541-2066wstrain@las-cruces.org
District 6Ken Miyagishima541-2066kmiyagishima@las-cruces.org
MayorBill Mattiace541-2067mayor@las-cruces.org

You can find out your district by looking at your voting card or by calling 647-7428.

Letters can be sent to any of the above at PO Box 2000, Las Cruces, NM 88004. A phone call to the above numbers will eventually lead to the councillor’s or mayor’s voicemail, where you can leave a message. By cutting and pasting, an email can be sent to each of the above; it’s better to send each message individually rather than as part of a group mailing.