Benefits of legalizing recreational cannabis

William Corbett noted that criminal organizations currently control the recreational black market in New Mexico, including the profits from this trade; in addition, there is no quality control or regulation as the cannabis provided to recreational users. As is generally known, violence is part and parcel of this illegal trade. 

He gives several excellent reasons why recreational cannabis should be legalized by the New Mexico Legislature this session, which are detailed here.  

  1. Quality control and regulation of cannabis would be present; our current decriminalization does not provide this. 
  2. The black market and criminal element would greatly decrease with legalizations, as it did with the end of alcohol prohibition. 
  3. Most New Mexicans support legalized recreational cannabis and do most Americans. 
  4. The profits from recreational cannabis would be diverted to our state coffers—badly in need of the additional funds. 
  5. New businesses, jobs and wealth would be generated by the private sector cannabis business opportunities. 
  6. Incarceration rates would decline providing savings for our state and local government. 
  7. Law enforcement resources would be allocated to more serious crimes. 
  8. Fewer New Mexicans, especially people of color, would no longer be arrested, convicted and incarcerated for cannabis crimes; these arrests often have a damaging lifelong effect in terms of employment, housing, and borrowing opportunities. 
  9. With Colorado (north), Arizona (west) , and (soon) Mexico (southwest) legalizing recreational cannabis, New Mexico is nearly surrounded by jurisdictions that permit recreational cannabis. 

For more information, contact William.