PVA Meeting Recap – October 26, 2012

Featured Presentation

Rose Ann Vasquez, Operations & Communications Manager of Comunidades en Accion y de Fe (CAFé), shared her personal story of foreclosure and related expereinces. She also talked about the “foreclosure ecosystem” in the country and specifically in New Mexico: There are currently 34,158 underwater mortagages in New Mexico and between January and May 2012, 635 families in Doña Ana County were foreclosed upon. To read more about Rose Ann’s personal story, read her article in the Fall 2012 issue of Tú Revista Latina.

Unified Action

Talk to 5 Friends about the Election – details here.

Sponsored by the PVA Executive Committee, pva@pva-nm.org

The Issue Voting is essential to our democracy. It’s also important that we advocate for the candidates we believe in. A friend’s recommendation can have a big influence on how we vote, especially in races that don’t get a lot of media attention. Encourage your friends to vote in this important election – every vote makes a difference.

What we are asking: Urge 5 friends to vote for the candidate or candidates you believe are most qualified. When you have finished this action, please send an “I did it!” to unifiedaction@pva-nm.org.

Three things from Mary Lujan

  1. Mary encouraged those living in District 33 to vote for Bill McCamley.  If you know someone that lives in District 33, tell them to vote for Bill!
  2. Please consider volunteering to be a vote watcher on Election Day, November 6.  Contact Peter or Rae (Rae’s cell: 575-621-4681) about getting trained and to sign up.
  3. Casa de Peregrinos, the Las Cruces food pantry, is now accepting cash donations as well as Thanksgiving fixings (they have a freezer) — turkeys and side dishes.  Please take your contribution or mail a check to Community of Hope-Casa de Peregrinos, 999 W. Amador. LC 88005. The facility is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Support Joanne Ferrary

Terry Miller encourages everyone in District 37 to vote for Joanne Ferrary.  Additionally, if you know anyone that lives in District 37, encourage them to vote for Joanne.  She is on the right side of all of the important issues, including one that is important to everyone: early childhood education.  You can follow Joanne on her Facebook page, visit her website, or call her at 575-649-1231.

Roy Zimmerman at UU

Hillard Williams announced that the “Stephen Colbert of music”, Roy Zimmerman, will be performing at the Unitarian Universalist Church (2000 S. Solano) on Thursday, November 1, at 7pm.  Tickets are $15. Click here for the flyer.

Support Doreen Gallegos

Maria Flores encourages everyone in District 52 to vote for Doreen Gallegos.  You can learn more about Doreen by visiting her website, or you can call her at (575) 649-6325.

Please buy turkeys for Casa de Peregrinos

Charlotte Lipson reported that Casa de Peregrinos has a freezer so they can accept turkeys NOW.  Please buy some turkeys and other Thanksgiving foods to donate.  You can take any contributions or mail a check to Community of Hope-Casa de Peregrinos, 999 W. Amador. LC 88005. The facility is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Two fundraisers

  1. Olga Pedroza, announced that thanks to La Semilla, 1000 schoolchildren are now gardening daily.  Twelve acres of land have been donated to La Semilla and they are now raising money to dig a well.  There is a $100/plate fundraiser dinner at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing on Saturday, November 10, at 5pm.  Please contact Olga or La Semilla if you would like a ticket.
  2. (From the El Paso Times): The Doña Ana branch of the NAACP will sponsor a veterans’ appreciation luncheon honoring the Tuskegee Airmen from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Nov. 3.  The luncheon will be at the Alameda House, 526 S. Alameda Boulevard. For tickets, or for more information, call Lola Lestrick, at (575) 382-5678, or David Lyons, at (575) 496-0756.  Tickets are $30.

Support Rudy Martinez

Mike Davis encourages anyone in House District 39 to vote for incumbent Rudy Martinez. Visit Representative Martinez’s website, call him at (575) 534-7546, or email.

Support Democrats, especially Nate Cote and Bill Soules (and Joseph Cervantes, of course!)

Joseph Cervantes, candidate for Senate District 35, reminded the group of the importance of a democratic majority in the State Legislature.  He encouraged everyone to also support Nate Cote for House District 53 and Bill Soules for Senate District 37.

Alice Anderson reviews The Rise and Fall of T.D. Lysenko

Alice Anderson recommends reading The Rise and Fall of T.D. Lysenko by Zhores Medvedev.  This book illustrates how anti-science sentiment can take over a country even though it is false and harmful.

Support Wayne Hancock

Wanye Hancock asked for support for his bid for County Commission District 4.  He also encouraged everyone to support Leticia Duarte-Benavidez for District 5 and Dr. David Garcia for District 2.

Support Jacinto Palomino

Norma Palomino asked for everyone’s support for Judge Jacinto Palomino for District Court Judge, Division III.

Repeal Citizens United

Gill Sorg announced that he and Olga Pedroza would be sponsoring a resolution to City Council to support Senator Tom Udall’s legislation and repeal Citizens United.  They will present the resolution at the City Council meeting on November 5.  Gill also encourages everyone to get out and help the Democratic Party’s Get out the Vote efforts.

Volunteer for the Democratic Party on November 3!

Chris Sylvan, from the Coordinated Campaign of the Democratic Party, invited everyone to help with their last Get out the Vote effort on Saturday, November 3.  Contact Chris for more information.

Be a Poll Watcher

Theresa Westbrock asked everyone to consider volunteering to be a poll watcher on November 6.  True the Vote has recruited one million vote challengers to work polls across the country and they are in New Mexico. Contact Peter or Rae (Rae’s cell: 575-621-4681) about getting trained to poll watch and to sign up. There are still opportunities to help Pat Aguirre reminded everyone that Doreen Gallegos, Wayne Hancock, and Joanne Ferrary have been working very hard.  As the election season wraps up, don’t regret that you could have done more!  Pat is looking for canvassers and envelope stuffers.  Please contact her if you can help.

Support Marci Beyer

Michael Stout encouraged everyone to support Marci Beyer for District Court Judge, Division II.

Amend the IRS Code to support nonprofits

Elisa Sanchez encouraged everyone to contact their legislators to support the amending of the IRS code (HB 2502) to expand tax free distribution from IRAs to nonprofit organizations tax-free.

Funny voting machines in Ohio

Contact Connie McMahon at 505-340-5647 if you would like to sign a petition for the Justice Department regarding a conflict of interest between voting machines in Ohio and their manufacturers.

Support Mary Rosner

Mary Rosner asked for everyone’s support for her run for District Court Judge, Division III.

Our next meeting will be
Thursday, November 8, 7 p.m.
Munson Senior Center
975 S. Mesquite


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