Unified Action – August 2007 – Wilderness and National Conservation Area

Continue Supporting Wilderness

Sponsored by the Doña Ana County Wilderness Coalition
Contact person: Nathan Small

When you have completed this action remember to send “I did it!” to unifiedaction@pva-nm.org 

What we are asking

With momentum building, it is critical that our elected officials maintain their support and respect our community’s clear consensus for wilderness in Doña Ana County.

Call and/or email the following 5 local elected officials whose continued support is critical.
Thank them for supporting wilderness and ask them to continue their support for the Citizens’ Wilderness and National Conservation Area Proposal.
Mayor William Mattiace

County Commissioner D. Kent Evans

City Councilor Dolores Archuleta

City Councilor Steve Trowbridge

County Commissioner Karen Perez

As always, please email unifiedaction@pva-nm.org to tell us “I did it!” when you have completed the action.

The Issue

The Citizens’ Wilderness and National Conservation Area Proposal stands alone, working to protect Doña Ana County’s rich natural heritage. Passage of the proposal would mean permanent protection for the county’s natural crown jewels, from the Organ Mountains, east to Broad Canyon and the Robledos/Sierra de Las Uvas, and then south to the Potrillo Mountains complex.

Tremendous growth rates, recent annexations, and increasing off-road vehicle use are squeezing special public lands. We have the chance to avoid past pitfalls and leave our community a lasting legacy of wilderness.

Over 180 businesses, 30 organizations, and 4 local elected governments support the Citizens’ Proposal. Everyone from sportsmen to business leaders are on board. However, dedicated opposition, spreading misinformation, continues working against wilderness protections in Doña Ana County. Basing decisions on facts and not fear, it is clear that wilderness protection for certain areas in Doña Ana County is critical.

For more information visit DonaAnaWild.org.

Key Reasons to Protect Wilderness

  1. Protect Special Places like the Organ Mountains and Broad Canyon with a Proven Designation—Wilderness
    Wilderness exists in 46 states. There are 30 Wilderness Areas in New Mexico. Only Wilderness and an National Conservation Areas designations will place these lands in the BLM National Landscape Conservation System, bringing them more money, recognition, and prestige.
  2. Wilderness will Increase Tourism, and Be Good for Local Economic Development
    Communities with protected public lands have higher income levels, as documented by the Sonoran Institute. Simple “withdrawal” would remove the national prestige and tourism benefit resulting from a Wilderness designation.
  3. Wilderness will Protect Open Space
    Our community is growing at a historic rate. Protection of our important places NOW, ensures we protect our quality of life forever.
  4. Wilderness Is Multiple Use
    You can do it all in Wilderness–ranching, camping, horseback riding, hunting, hiking, bird watching, and more!
  5. Wilderness Includes Ranching
    The 1964 Wilderness Act clearly allows ranching. The 1990 Congressional Grazing Guidelines specifically protect grazing operations. Ranching exists in Wilderness all over the West.
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