Unified Action – February 2008 – Stop Violence in Lomas del Poleo

Stop violence against our neighbors to the south

Sponsored by Steve Fischmann and Charlotte Lipson
For more information email Steve or Charlotte.

The Issue

The Mexican settlement of Lomas del Poleo, which sits directly on the border between Mexico and the US, just south of Sunland Park, has housed as many as 300 families since its establishment in the 1970’s.  It is directly in the path of binational development plans that have received logistical and financial support from both the US and Mexican governments as well as large private developers.

The Mexican company Grupo Zaragoza has claimed ownership of this now valuable land and has surrounded Lomas del Poleo with a barbed wire fence and guard towers, and restricted access to two gates. Guards hired by Grupo Zaragoza have been responsible for at least one death, and most likely three deaths, plus the destruction of many homes and the community church, all in an apparent attempt to intimidate the settlers off their land.

For more information about the situation in Lomas del Poleo, visit http://www.columban.org/content/view/76/54/.

What we are asking

Call Governor Richardson’s office
(505) 476-2200
and ask him to work with Mexican authorities to stop the attacks on the people of Lomas del Poleo, and to help bring about a legal resolution to the question of land ownership.

Upon completion of this action, please send an “I did it” to unifiedaction@pva-nm.org.

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