Unified Action – January 2009 – Health Security Act for New Mexico

Urge passage of the Health Security Act in the 2009 legislative session

Sponsored by Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign
For more information email Vicki Simons or call her at 522-4813.

What we are asking

Call Governor Bill Richardson’s office at
and urge passage of Health Security Act.

The time to make this investment in our future is now. If you have time and are so inclined, please call your own legislators and urge them to support the Health Security Act.

The Issue

There are more than 400,000 with no health care insurance in addition to many underinsured New Mexicans. None of the band-aid solutions proposed and put into effect over the last decades have made much of a difference. We need to start the process of the Health Security Act, especially now in this time of economic distress when there will be even more people unable to pay for health care. There is strong public support for this plan and legislators need to be pressured to pass this bill this year, the speaker to assign it to fair committees, and the governor to sign it.

Upon completion of this action, please send “I did it” to Unified Action.

Contact information

Rep. Gutierrez, (505) 986-4234, jonig@zianet.com
Rep. Lujan, (505) 986-4436, alujan@q.com
Rep. MH Garcia, (505) 986-4435, maryhelen.garcia@nmlegis.gov
Rep. Nunez, (505) 986-44 23, annunez@zianet.com
Rep. Steinborn, (505) 986-4248, jeff.steinborn@nmlegis.gov
Rep. Cervantes, (505) 986-4249, cervanteslaw@zianet.com
Rep. Cote, (505) 986-4298, NCOTE@zianet.com
Sen. Nava, (505) 986-4834, cynthia.nava@nmlegis.gov
Sen. MJ Garcia, (505) 986-4726, maryjane.garcia@nmleg.gov
Sen. Steve Fischmann. (505) 986-4377, steve@stevefischmann.com
Sen. Papen, (505) 986-4270, marykay.papen@nmlegis.gov

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