Unified Action – October 2005 – Legislative Roundtable

Legislative Roundtable

Sponsor: State Issues Committee
Email: Beth Bardwell bethbardwell@zianet.com

The issue

The PVA will be holding a Legislative Roundtable on Thursday, Nov.ember10, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Munson Center, 975 S Mesquite. At this Roundtable, legislators from Doña Ana County will:

  • talk for 3 minutes each about the January legislative session, especially in terms of a PVA 2006 Legislative Agenda formulated by the State Issues working group in cooperatiion with other progressive groups around the state
  • listen to comments from PVA members (1 1/2 minutes maximum)
  • take a final 3 minutes each to reflect on what they heard and make further comments

What we are asking

We are asking every Unified Action participant to come to the Legislative Roundtable on November 10th (and, if possible, bring along a new progressive, someone not currently involved with PVA). We hope to show the legislators the strength of support for progressive legislation in this community.

(please email “I’’ll be there!” to unifiedaction@pva-nm.org if you plan to attend)

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