Unified Action – October 2007 – Talk to 5 Friends About November 6 Election

Talk to 5 Friends about the November 6 Election

Sponsored by the PVA Executive Committee
For more information send email to Ann Gutierrez or call her at 521-4832
When you have completed this action remember to send “I did it!” to unifiedaction@pva-nm.org

The issue

It’s important that we vote, but it is also important that we advocate for candidates we believe in. This kind of advocacy is at the heart of the democratic process, and often a friend’s recommendation has tremendous influence on how we vote, especially in municipal elections.

What we are asking

The Unified Action this month is simple. To participate, you contact five friends (in person, by phone, email or regular mail) and urge them to vote on Tuesday, November 6, for the candidate or candidates you believe are most qualified to lead Las Cruces at this time.

Ideally . . . these are people who may not have made a decision and for whom your recommendation could make a difference.

As always, please email unifiedaction@pva-nm.org to tell us “I did it!” when you have completed the action.

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