Unified Action – October 2008 – Talk to 5 Friends about the November 4 Election

Talk to 5 Friends about the November 4 Election OR Take Someone to Vote

Sponsored by the PVA Executive Committee
For more information email Judy Zimmerman or call her at (575)522-6444.

The Issue

At a time when the whole country’’s attention is focused on the presidential race, it’’s important to remember our state and local candidates, whose decisions affect our lives every day. Most people have strong opinions about the choice they are going to vote for at the presidential level, but they are often glad to hear a friend’’s recommendations about races lower down on the ballot. Our advocacy for candidates we trust and believe in can be important in informing the decisions of our friends when they go to vote.

What We Are Asking

The Unified Action this month is simple. To participate, you do either of the two following activities:

  1. Contact five friends (in person, by phone, email or regular mail) and recommend to them one or more county or state legislative candidates.
  2. Take someone to vote–early or on Election Day.

As always, please email unifiedaction@pva-nm.org to tell us “I did it” when you have completed the action.

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