Unified Action – August 2017

Create/Update your Personal Influence Network for use in this fall’s Las Cruces Municipal Elections and beyond

Sponsored by the PVA Executive Board, pva@pva-nm.org

The issue

PVA participants have had a large positive impact on local elections through contacting friends, family and neighbors to let them know about the importance of upcoming elections and the candidates we recommend. It’s time to formalize and upgrade our Personal Influence Networks in preparation for this fall’s municipal elections and beyond.

What we are asking:

Go through your address book and other lists to create an electronic version of your own Personal Influence Network: people who would appreciate your letting them know about upcoming elections and the candidates you support.

If you have already created a Personal Influence Network, please do this Action by updating your list with as many people you can who belong there.

Email pva.unified.action@gmail.com and tell us “I did it!” to help keep our progressive momentum moving forward in Southern New Mexico!

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