Unified Action – May 2013

Join Citizens Climate Lobby for Preventing Global Warming

Sponsored by Gill Sorg

The Issue

What is Global Warming?

Carbon dioxide and other gases warm the surface of the planet naturally by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere. This is a good thing because it keeps our planet habitable. However, by burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil and clearing forests we have dramatically increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere and temperatures are rising.
The vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is real, it’s already happening and that it is the result of our activities and not a natural occurrence. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable. We’re already seeing changes. Glaciers are melting, plants and animals are being forced from their habitat, and the number of severe storms and droughts is increasing.

There is no doubt we can solve this problem. In fact, we have a moral obligation to do so. Small changes to our daily routine can add up to big differences in helping to stop global warming. The time to come together to solve this problem is now.
More: http://citizensclimatelobby.org/node/146

What we are asking

Register as a supporter of the Citizens Climate Lobby.

Upon completion of the above action, please email “I did it” to unifiedaction@pva-nm.org.

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