PVA Meeting Recap for March 31, 2005

I. Renee Murray provided an account of the very successful Peace March and Rally on March 19, in which over 200 people participated. The response from passing motorists along the march route was very positive.

II. Judy Zimmerman reported on the organizing campaign for Democratic Party precinct meetings on March 22, and the County Convention on March 30. The campaign was very successful, with numerous progressive precinct officers elected throughout the area. Congratulations to those new officers! In addition, of the 29 people from Doña Ana County elected to serve on the State Central Committee, 17 have attended one or more PVA meetings. Diane Door will find out what is happening in terms of a progressive caucus at the state level. Ollie Morgan, newly elected to the Platform and Rules Committee of the State Democratic Party, asked to hear from PVAers about what issues the party should address. Ollie’s number is 532-8580, and his email is chimon@zianet.com.

III. Ann Rohovec helped PVA launch an ambitious phone campaign aimed at reaching out to former Kerry volunteers and solidifying a strong base of progressive activists in Doña Ana County. After a short training, 36 people took phone lists and will make calls over the next few days. If you would like to help in this campaign, or if you took a list and have any questions, please call Ann at 521-0940.

IV. The Organizational Committee, after several weeks of work, provided:

  • a succinct statement of who the PVA is: “The Progressive Voter Alliance is an inclusive coalition of voters who activelysupport candidates and issues that promote social and economic justice, political equality, and environmental stewardship.
  • a compilation of what we currently do, including two new components:
    • a monthly Unified Action, in which PVA’ers commit to do, in concert, one specific and agreed upon political action per month (e.g. a call or letter on legislation), so as to bring the full force of the PVA network to bear
    • the possibility for allied organizations in the community to unite, via the PVA, for political strength and mutual support
  • a proposal for a PVA organizational structure that will involve working groups and allied organizations as the initiators of activities, and an executive committee charged with keeping the overall organization running.
  • These proposals were well-received, and we expect to have a Unified Action ready for presentation at the April meeting.

V. Since the PVA is an alliance of many different interests, brought together to exercise our combined political power, much of the PVA’s work takes place in individual working groups, listed below. If you would like to find out more about the group’s work, or participate in its activities, please contact the person listed.

Bringing a Nationally Prominent Speaker to Las Cruces (****New Group***) (as fundraiser, to talk on important issues, etc.)

  • Bill McCamley
  • 522-1529
  • billmccamley@zianet.com

Curbside Recycling in Las Cruces (****New Group***)

  • Brigitte Hines
  • 541-5632
  • brshines@hotmail.com

Building Allliances

  • Ann Gutierrez
  • 521-4832
  • egutierr@nmsu.edu

Local Environmental and Quality of Life Issues

  • Janet Darrow
  • 527-0385
  • JdarrowinM@aol.com

The Big Picture

  • Chris Hines
  • 541-5632
  • cmhbw99@hotmail.com

State Issues

  • Beth Bardwell
  • 522-5065
  • bethbardwell@zianet.com

Monitoring the Voting Records of State Legislators

  • Vicki Simons
  • 522-4813
  • vsimons@zianet.com

Establishing an Alternative to Hate Radio in the Mesilla Valley

  • Rus Bradburd
  • 527-2477
  • coachrus@hotmail.com

Executive Committee

  • Don Kurtz
  • 521-4832
  • donkurtz@nmsu.edu

Also, PVAers Gayle Radom and Renee Murray invited everyone to the NARAL Pro-Choice America banquet, at which Lt. Governor Diane Denish will be the featured speaker. The event will take place at the Best Western on Avenida de Mesilla on Wed., April 20th from 11:30 am – 1 pm. For tickets or more information, call Gayle at 532-1780.

Jim Moore invited everyone to a presentation by nationally known lecturer Sam Keen on “Faces of the Enemy” to “Beyond Enmity” which examines how we can move past dehumanizing our enemies to a position of greater empathy. It will be held Sunday, April 24 at the Best Western on Avenida de Mesilla from 2 – 4 pm. If you would like tickets or more information, or if you would like Jim to send you a flyer via email, contact him at freebird2020@comcast.net

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