PVA Meeting Recap – January 20, 2005

On Thursday, January 20 we met again at the Mesilla Community Center, as part of our effort to build off the energy of the 2004 Kerry campaign and to establish an ongoing progressive political force in Southern New Mexico.

Several groups were formed around particular projects and areas of interest. Those groups, their chairs, and the chairs’ emails and phone numbers are listed below. If you would like to find out more about any group’s work, or if you want to be included in its next meeting, please contact the chair.

The next meeting of the overall organization–designated for now as the Progressive Voter Alliance–will be

  • Thursday, February 24
  • Mesilla Community Center
  • 7-9 pm


Organization of Progressive Voters on the Precinct Level

  • Dallas Bash
  • 524-1547
  • dallas_bash@zianet.com (dallas_bash)

State Issues

  • Beth Bardwell
  • 522-5065
  • bethbardwell@zianet.com
  • If you are interested in participating in an email action alert on state legislation during this session (January 18-March 19) on health care, election reform, the environment, or civil rights, please email Beth and let her know which issue(s) you want to be notified about.

Local Environmental and Qualify of Life Issues

  • Janet Darrow
  • 527-0385
  • JDarrowinM@aol.com
  • If you would like updates on environmental and other important issues in your own neighborhood, contact Janet.

Securing the Vote

  • Marc Robert
  • 524-4545
  • mrrobert87@msn.com

Understanding Where Local Efforts Fit into the Global Picture

  • Chris Hines
  • 541-5632
  • cmhbw99@hotmail.com

Organizing a March 19th Rally Against the Iraq War

  • Renee Murray
  • 532-0858
  • reneemurray75@aol.com

Establishing an Alternative to Hate Radio in the Mesilla Valley

  • Rus Bradburd
  • 527-2477
  • coachrus@hotmail.com

Establishing an Umbrella Organization for Progressive Voters

  • Don Kurtz
  • 521-4832
  • donkurtz@nmsu.edu

Most of the work of the Progressive Voter Alliance will be done in these and (as they are formed) other groups. Please join as many of the above as you would like!



Please Note

1. If you would like to add friends or other interested people to this mailing list, hit the reply key and enter their names and emails (and phone numbers if you have them).

2. If you would like your own name removed from this mailing list, hit the reply key and put UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

3. If you have a message for Don Kurtz, you should send it to his email address: donkurtz@nmsu.edu

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