Unified Action – January 2021

Sign up for the Legislative Response Team

Sponsored by the PVA Executive Committee, www.pva-nm.org

The Issue

The Legislative Response Team weighs in on critical issues under consideration during the legislative session in Santa Fe. Team members call or email legislators and make their positions known.
Past issues have included minimum wage, early childhood education, the environment, energy policy, voting rights, foreclosure procedures, and DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).
The legislators notice and pay attention when they are hearing from their constituents.
Becoming a part of the Legislative Response Team means that you will receive an email when a bill is at a critical phase. The email will be simple: it will let you know the issue, which legislator to contact, the telephone number and email for that legislator, and whether you are recommending a Yes or No vote on that issue.

What we are asking

Add your voice to the Legislative Response Team by:
sending an email to

When you have done the Action, please tell us, “I did it!

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