September 28, 2023

Special Presentation: Superintendent Ignacio Ruiz

Newly appointed LCPS Superintendent Ruiz explained that he’s in the Listen and Learn phase of his new job. He’s looking forward to some serious strategic planning which will include implementing plans and evaluating progress. He answered a lot of audience questions, everything from book banning (there is a process being followed) to solarizing (it will be studied and electric buses are presently on order).

Unified Action: Be involved in the 2023 election

The upcoming election will determine the kind of community we will live in for the coming years. Volunteer for a candidate or a campaign-related activity, make a contribution to a candidate you support, knock on some doors, address some letters, attend some forums. And remember: we all know somebody who won by two votes.

Neighborwood Trees will be planted November 18

Jamie Blair brought us up to date on the Neighborwoods tree planting organization. The good news is that they have substantial funding thanks to the Infrastructure Reduction Act. They will be planting the first trees, about 50 of them, on November 18. There will be ample support for new tree owners–shovels, hoses, soil amendments, technical advice, and a great looking t-shirt.

For more information send email to Jamie or Craig Fenske.

Ed Frank, running for School Board, District 5

Ed Frank let us know that in each of the three school board races that are contested there is a candidate espousing extreme positions. These are candidates who feel that parents should be able to ban books they find objectionable, our student health centers are not a great idea, and bilingual education isn’t necessary (let non-English speakers sink or swim).

For more information call Ed at 610-888-6116 and visit Ed’s campaign website.

Kasandra Gandara, running for Mayor

Kasandra Gandara reminded us that if elected she will be the first female mayor in the history of Las Cruces. She’s busy taking part in candidate forums. Upcoming events include Temple Beth-El on October 11 and Nopalitos Galeria on October 19. She welcomed volunteers to her campaign and proudly announced that she has been endorsed by the Fire Union.

For more information send email to Kasandra and call her at 575-640-6344.

Tessa Abeyta, running for City Council

Tessa Abeyta announced that she is the newly elected president of the New Mexico Municipal League. She has received the following endorsements: Planned Parenthood, Senator Heinrich, the Fire Union, and the Sierra Club.

Volunteers are welcome to join her campaign and canvassers will be treated with slushies and lemonade.

For more information send email to Tessa.

Blue CD2 postcard project is going strong

Gayle Eads has good news regarding the postcard campaign that Blue CD2 has organized. As of Monday, October 9, 1800 postcards will have been mailed to Doña Ana Democrats who haven’t been voting. Blue CD2 will be doing more voter outreach for the general election next year. 

For more information send email to Gayle.

Support for Kasandra

Janet Martinique made a heartfelt statement in support of Kassandra Gandara for Mayor: “She listens. She really listens.”

For more information send email to Janet and call her at 214-400-3562.

Vote for Doña Ana Community College GO Bonds

Kristi Martin, member of the bond committee at Doña Ana Community College, outlined the five projects targeted for the $16 million General Obligation Bond that will be on the November ballot.

  • Replace portables at the Sunland Park campus with permanent classrooms
  • Security and safety measures
  • Infrastructure maintenance and repair
  • Upgrade existing classrooms
  • Information technologies

Kristi urged us to vote for the bond and reminded us of how important DACC is to our community.

For more information send email to Kristi and call her at 575-644-2169.

Temple Beth El Candidate Forums

Karen Shevet Dinah invited everyone to the candidate forums at Temple Beth-El, 3980 Sonoma Springs Avenue.

  • Candidates for Mayor, October 11, 6:30 p.m.
  • Candidates for School Board, October 11, 7:30 p.m.
  • Candidates for City Council, District 1, October 18, 6:30 p.m.
  • Candidates for City Council, Districts 2 and 4, October 18, 7:30 p.m.

There will be formal questioning followed by informal questions from the audience and ending with a reception featuring top-notch cookies.

For more information send email to Karen and call her at 608-257-1835.

Johana Bencomo, running for City Council

Johana explained that she was a little late because she was with volunteers knocking on doors–about 100 of them this evening. She made an enthusiastic case for door knocking and invited volunteers to join her.

For more information send email to Johana, call her at 575-545-3412, and follow her on Instagram.

Support for Cassie McClure for City Council, District 1

Charlotte Lipson spoke in strong support of Cassie McClure for City Council, District 1. Charlotte has been knocking on doors with Cassie, and she’s impressed. Charlotte invited anyone interested to sign up for her [amazing] email list. She’ll be sending out timely information about all the candidate forums.

For more information send email to Charlotte.

Teresa Tenorio is running for another term on the School Board and her husband supports her

Manny Sanchez spoke in support of his wife, Teresa Tenorio, who is running for a second term on the School Board. [Teresa was attending the KRWG-TV school board forum.] He pointed out that the board has courageously passed policies to protect the rights of all students and insure that all students are safe in school. Manny suggested listening to the school board candidates interview on K-TAL and ask yourself, “Does experience matter?”

For more information send email to Manny.

Downwinders Update

Mary Martinez White brought us up to date on all things related to New Mexico and atomic testing. She reported that the Tularosa Downwinders had a successful trip to Washington, DC, where they met with lawmakers and the press. She announced the following event:

Annual Peaceful Protest
October 21, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Stallion Gate (entrance to the Trinity Site)

For more information send email to Mary and call her at 505-629-8516.

Patrick Nolan, running for School Board, District 1

Patrick Nolan is running for School Board, District 1, the seat he was appointed to fill. He explained that the board members are advised not to comment of the specific book currently going through the book banning review process. However, he made it clear that he is firmly opposed to banning books.

For more information send email to Patrick.

Update on the Holtec Nightmare

Lynn Moorer brought us up to speed on developments with Holtec, the company that wants to put a massive nuclear waste depository in Lea County to store spent fuel rods from all across the United States. Lynn explained that Holtec got the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s approval for the depository, but New Mexico passed SB 53 which would prevent it. Lynn said to expect legal challenges. She pointed out Holtec’s “abysmal safety record” which includes security violations at its facilities around the country.

For more information send email to Lynn.

Support for Daniel Buck

Rusty Pearce spoke in support of Daniel Buck for City Council, District 1. He spoke of the importance of talking with voters of all persuasions, and explained that Daniel was speaking at a candidate forum this evening. He emphasized that Daniel himself is knocking on doors and making phone calls, in addition to help from volunteers. 

For more information send email to Rusty.

Solar Grants for Agricultural Businesses

Rocky Bacchus announced that there are currently big incentives for agricultural businesses to go solar. Grants are available for up to $1 million dollars for solar projects. Rocky said that information is available at the local US Department of Agriculture office, and if you need a grant writer, Rocky can help you find one.

For more information send email to Rocky.

Jeff Steinborn’s Campaign Kickoff Event

Roberta Gran announced Senator Jeff Steinborn’s kickoff event.

Steinborn Campaign Kickoff
November 1, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Hotel Encanto

Tickets are $50. Robert promised a great evening with entertainment, a speaker, dinner, drinks, and a silent auction.

For more information send email to Roberta.

SWEC has a new name and a broader purpose

Kevin Bixby announced that Southwest Environmental Center is now Wildlife for All with the following mission statement: “Wildlife for All is national campaign to reform state wildlife management to be more democratic, just, compassionate, and focused on protecting wild species and ecosystems.” Kevin noted that the existing system of state by state regulation dates back to Teddy Roosevelt’s time.

For more information send email to Kevin, call him at 575-649-7260, and visit

Tuesday in the park with a banned book and a brown bag lunch

Jon Hill invited everyone to celebrate Banned Books Week. Bring your lunch to the park and enjoy reading aloud from some banned books.

Banned Book Readout and Brown Bag Lunch
Tuesday, October 3, 12 noon
Pioneer Women’s Park

For more information send email to Jon.

The Advanced Metering System is coming

Allen Downs spelled out the pros and cons of El Paso Electric’s move to advanced meters. Con: they’re expensive. Pro: they’re supposed to save us money in the long run.

For more information send email to Allen.

Voters’ Guide from the League of Women Voters

Kathe Kanim announced that the Doña Ana County voters’ guide from the League of Women Voters will be in The Bulletin on Friday, October 13 and also online at The League of Women Voters’ Vote 411 guide, which answers all your voting questions, will be up and running on October 10.

For more information send email to Kathe.

Cassie McClure, running for City Council, District 1

Cassie McClure reflected on the role that values play whether you’re voting or running for office. She was pleased to be endorsed by the Sierra Club and Planned Parenthood, organizations whose values align with her own.

For more information send email to Cassie.

Teresa Tenorio, running for School Board, District 4

Teresa rushed over from the KRWG school board forum. She let us know she has served on the School Board since 2020 and is currently board president. She has three children (one in elementary school, two in middle school) and understands the parents’ perspective. She spends some of her time on social media responding to parent concerns.

For more information send email to Teresa, call her at 505-453-7450, and check out her Facebook page.

Ambulance Troubles

Christopher Johnson, president of Las Cruces Professional Firefighters Association, explained that we have an ambulance problem. AMR, the ambulance company, frequently doesn’t have an ambulance available when the fire department needs to transport. Christopher said they are currently negotiating with AMR and in the meantime they got their own ambulances. He thanked the City Council for their support and specifically thanked Councilors Gandara, Abyeta, and Bencomo for their help.

For more information send email to Christopher.

K-TAL is talking to ALL the local candidates

Peter Goodman reminded us that K-TAL has interviews with all of the local candidates. The complete interview schedule is here, and the interviews are available in the station’s archives if you miss the live show.

For more information send email to Peter and call him at 575-489-7090..

Community Meeting with Commissioner Sanchez

District 5 County Commissioner Manny Sanchez announced a District 5 meeting. They will be discussing the county’s strategic plan and getting citizen input.

DAC District 5 Community Meeting
Doña Ana Community Center
October 4,  p.m.

For more information send email to Manny.

A Pig Named Mondale

Allen Downs sent us home with a true story about the trials of farm life and one pig’s demise.

And with that, we called it a night.

If you have questions, comments, or corrections to the recap, please email Judy Zimmerman.

PVA meets again:

Thursday, October 26, 2023, 7 pm

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