Unified Action – September 2023

Get involved with a campaign & Prepare to share with family and friends

Sponsored by the PVA Executive Committee, www.pva-nm.org

The Issue

The November 2023 consolidated election is crucial to determining the kind of community we will be in coming years. Our personal involvement with local campaigns can make a big difference in the upcoming elections.

Now is also a good time to start updating our Personal Influence Networks so we can help friends and family make good choices on a ballot that will include elections for mayor, city council, school board and Soil and Water Conservation District positions.

What we are asking

Donate to and/or volunteer for a local candidate.
When you have done the Action, please tell us, “I did it!

and, also: 

Prepare to share information about the upcoming election with family and friends.

When you have done the Action, please tell us, I did it!

2023 Regular Local Election – Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Early voting dates, when & where to vote: 

View your personal sample ballot:

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